Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer time...when the livin's easy

Summer is officially here! Well for us atleast. We are just hanging out listening to the wind blow and enjoying the weather before it gets too HOT!

Here is a picture of our new windchimes. I know none of you probably care about them, but I love them and they sound amazing! My aunt sent us these from Pennsylvania. Thanks Aunt Diana! The kids love them too! They think they sound "cool".
Summer means popcicles! Here are the kids eating popcicles. YUM!! We had to make a special trip to Walgreens (Wal-Mart takes too long) just for popcicles. The kids loved them!

Here's another popcicle picture. Sorry, I'm a typical mom who takes too many pictures of her kids.

And Aaden chowing down on his popcicle. (This is actually the highlight of his day, and the only thing he ate yesterday. He is now sick so pray that he gets better today so we can enjoy our week.)

And of course Rylan eating her popcicle. Bow and bloomers, socks and shoes. No shirt, No dress, No Mess!

Like I said before Aaden is sick, he is just laying around, it's so sad. Please pray that he gets better quickly so that we can enjoy our week off before Summer Camp starts next Monday, June 2. Thanks everyone!

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