Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horseback riding is sooooo FUN!!!

Last Friday we went to a birthday party at a stable. It was so much fun! All the kids got to ride horses. They loved it! I loved it! Everyone loved it!!! Here are some pictures of this momentous occasion.

Here is Aaden patiently waiting for his turn to ride.

Aaden riding a horse. (I feel like
this picture is pretty self explainitory.)

Ok, this next picture comes with a story. Rylan was so excited about riding horses...until it was her turn. She would walk right up there like she was going to ride, and then just didn't. She would walk back out of the corral, and then say, "My turn". So I'd take her back up to the horse, and of course she'd say, "No ride". Well, we did this a few times, and I was SICK of it. So I carried her out there while Aaden was riding and I MADE her get on the horse with him. Once she was up there she didn't move. She just held on for dear life. Before the ride was over she was starting to like it. So, here they are riding together.

Aaden was so sweet and he just held her. What a sweet big brother!

Soooo, after the ride with brother she was perfectly happy riding by herself. I practically had to tear her away from the horses to go eat hot dogs. She did so good!!! I knew she would love it if she would just DO IT!

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