Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where have we been?

In AUSTIN!!! I love Austin. We have been visiting with friends and hanging out in Austin the last two weeks. Some friends of ours from A&M got married last weekend, and the weekend before we went to celebrate their last weekend as single people. Aaron went to the bachelor party and I went to the bachelorette party. I got to hang out with my sister too, and see her new house! That was fun. The bachelor party weekend Aaron's mom and step dad kept the kiddos and last weekend for the wedding my sister kept Aaden, and my parents kept Rylan. Since they all live so far they like to split the kids and get quality time with each one. I think that everyone had a blast both weekends...I know Aaron and I did!
We went out with friends, and we went out to breakfast, and we walked around town lake, and we went shopping! So so so fun!!!
So, I have NO pictures of any of this. Well, I do, but not with me. We accidentally left our camera with some of our friends, and they are supposed to be mailing it to us. Hopefully we'll get it this week. So that's where we've been and what we've been doing. So I hope you enjoy knowing what's going on in our lives.