Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What do we do to kill time??

There are bubble baths. Those are always a hit. The kids love them, plus it keeps them entertained for quite a while. Bubble baths are a nice break for everyone!
Beards...Rylan, loves to put bubbles on her face and says, "Ho ho ho". I don't even think she realizes that she is mimiking (sp?) Santa Clause, but she knows that it is funny.

Aaden is just a cutie in the tub. He is not quite as animated as Rylan, but he is still funny. He is the little boss. He spends his bath time (and I guess most of his time) telling Rylan what to do.
And...we make fish faces!!! The kids didn't really like it, but I sure think it's funny!

Here we all are at the airport.

First is Rylan just hanging out. Then Aaron trying to get some cuddles in. Rylan outside about to be blown away. Then my little man telling me all about what goes on at the airport and showing me all the "apple-planes".

Here we are hanging out at the airport waiting for Aaron to leave. We played inside for about an hour or so, and then after Aaron got on the plane the kids and I headed outside to watch him take off. We watched lots of planes take off, and then his plane finally got going and headed up up and away on the long journey from Longview to...Dallas! So Longview's little and to get anywhere you have to first fly to Dallas. I don't even think they fly anywhere else. Like I said, Longview is little.

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