Sunday, June 8, 2008

First week of "Summer Camp"

Well, last week ACA Summer Sports Camp started, and so far it is a success. I am "teaching" Kinder-3rd graders and we are all having a blast! These kids are all so smart and so fun it almost doesn't even seem like work. This week we are even going to go bowling!!! I know, I know, my job is AWESOME!!
This was a crazy yet super fun weekend. (And I will just say now that there are no pictures documenting our fun, I know, BOOOOO.) OK, well Friday we just hung out at the house the kids and I. Aaron worked all day and all night, so we just got in a little R&R. We went to White Oak's Splash Pad with our friends Stacey and Madison. That was super fun. The sun wasn't really shining bright though, so the kids were a little on the chilly side. They somehow managed to survive though. Then Saturday we went to Ally Fest! It is this festival, I guess, in downtown Longview with arts and crafts, and music, and games, and shopping. It was great! It even kinda' reminded me of Austin, I know, who would've thunk that! Then we came home and napped and then we went to the RODEO!!!! We went to the "World Famous Gladewater RoundUp". The kids (and Aaron and I too) had a blast! Rylan kept yelling, "yee-haw!" the entire night, and Aaden said he wanted to be a cowgirl (that's right folks) and ride a bull. They were both also taken with the Mutton Busting (is that how you spell that?). For those of you who don't know what that is it is when kids (ages 6-9) strap on their boots and plated vests and helmets and ride a sheep holding on for dear life for a few seconds. It is one of the single most entertaing things I have ever seen in my life. These kids are hilarious! Aaden and Rylan both said they wanted to do it.
Now here we are to Sunday. We had a great day filled with food, naps, swimming, and more food out with friends at the butcher shop. I even got the living room cleaned up, and Aaron did the dishes.
So, that was our weekend, and I hope you all enjoy. We head back to Summer Camp tomorrow, YAY!!!

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