Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Three Cuties

Today was a glorious day! Anything special?? No. Just a wonderful Wednesday that began with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), followed by a quiet afternoon with my sweet kids, and now we are getting ready to leave for church. God has blessed our family with so much! Some days I feel overwhelmed by the awesomeness that I have in this life.
Now I just want to share a few pictures of my wonderful family, and what we've been up to.

Rylan is into sleeping on a pallet in the living room. She has done it over night a few times, but here she is napping one afternoon. She says that she wants to sleep on her map (ha ha! she means mat). She goes and gets her pillows and blankets and everything. It is very precious.

In this one you can really see her set up on the floor. Oh, what a sweet baby God has given me!!!

Here is Aaden at his KinderTOT performance! That's right, I said PERFORMANCE!!! We made the trip out to Hallsville and these awesome ACA KinderTOT boys were the halftime show! They did all different basketball skills to a song. It was precious! I am so proud of my T-O-T boy!!!

Here he is cheesin' it up while we wait in the hall for the show to start.

And my third cutie is my husband. At school we had a "Are You Smarter Than A Kindergartener?" program. The kinder class were up against the adults, and Aaron got roped into going up and trying to answer the questions. The kinder kids beat the adults like 60 to 10 or something rediculous like that. "I am not smarter than a kindergartener!!!

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