Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Afternoon at the Farm

My friend Phyllis invited us out to her house for the afternoon. She had a fun list of things to do all ready when we arrived. We got to swing on the barn swing, play on the tractors, brush and ride the pony, go on a treasure hunt (nature walk), feed the horses, climb on the hay, make coffee mug cakes (chocolate cake you make in a coffee mug, and bake in the microwave), eat home-made popcicles, excercise the baby deer, and chalk in the driveway. We took alot of great pictures of our fun, and Phyllis made this AMAZING collage out of all the pictures. It was such a fun afternoon. Thank you Mrs. Phyllis for sharing your house with us!!! WE love YOU!!!

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Jaime said...

Great pictures!! Looks like fun!