Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall is Here!!!

First of all are a couple pictures of my little worker bees. After the hurricane came through we had a mess of branches in our yard both front and back. My sweet babies were ready to lend a hand in the time of need.

Saturday evening we went to Moore Farms (in a little town called Bullard right outside of Tyler). It is this wonderful little pumpkin patch. We all had a blast.

Aaron and Rylan checking out the scenery.

Aaden in his duck hat. Why was he wearing that? He just decided that it was the thing to do.

Aaden poking his head through the pumpkin.

Rylan poking her head through the pumpkin.

The scarecrow lost his glove so Aaden was happy to help out.

Now Rylan has to take a shot. (We never got the glove to stay on his hand.)

Aaden holding hands with the tin man...aka the robot.

(We realized our kids have never seen The Wizard of Oz.)

Aaden was showing Rylan how to hold his hand.

She figured it out!!!

My sweet kiddos on the hay ride.

There are both their smiling faces!!!

My sweet handsome loving husband!

And he's off!!!

There she goes right behind big brother. They had so much fun running around the red dirt.

Rylan wanted to pull her pumpkin to the car in the wagon, only her pumpkin weighed only a few ounces. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! She is very good at making me laugh.

Pumping water by hand is very fun.

And lastly we had a wonderful surprise on Sunday. Our friends the Steele kids were in town visiting their aunt and grandparents. (They moved to Fort Worth at the end of the summer. It was a very sad occasion. Not only did they go to school and church together, but they only lived about a block away from us.) Garrison came and sat with us during church. The boys (who are best buddies) loved seeing eachother. It was a very sweet reunion.


Corbitt Family said...

Moore Farms looks like so much fun! Glad ya'll had some fun family time.

Jaime said...

Hi, Jessica! How'd you find me? Did Phyllis lead you to me? :-) She's so fun!

We have been to Moore Farms, too, and it's a great fall experience!! Definitely worth the drive!

I'll have to bookmark your blog--I'm a lurker! :-)

Silverthornes said...

yep, we went to Moore farms too! I am glad you guys liked it. I think we went in the heat of the day - it wasn't as pleasant.