Monday, October 13, 2008

Road Trip

Last weekend Aaron and I made the trek to Asheville North Carolina for my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful mountain wedding with a fun reception after. (There are NO pictures. We had our camera and took no pictures...sorry!)
We decided to drive to eliminate some of the cost and stress that accompanies flying. We drove there on Thursday, getting up about 3:30am to leave by 4:30am. It took us about 14 hours...whew!! We enjoyed ourselves Friday and Saturday and then got up Sunday morning and drove the 14 hours home! We had a great time, and we are almost fully recovered. Our legs and backs are still sore. By tomorrow I figure we'll be fine.

While on the road we decided to do a science different gas stations' gas get different gas mileage?? The answer is YES!!! Exxon gas got us (in the Jetta) about 2 miles more per gallon...doesn't seem like that much? Well, it got us 30 more miles per tank! That ain't bad! I am not an advocate for Exxon, but I thought I'd just share our findings. (These findings are compared to Murphy, Fina, and Chevron.)
**Remember this is also highway driving, and it may not be so significant in town.
**This experiment has no official authenticity.


ma P said...

Jessica, Terri said that Exxon and Chevron get better gas mileage because they don't have ethanol.
that's really cool about your experiment. I'm assuming you used regular gas.

Jessica said...

Exxon and Chevron both have ethanol in them just like every gas station...this is according to my husband. The exxons and chevrons that i've seen have the 10% ethanol disclaimer, but Aaron told me that different oil companies can have stricter processing in their oil. Also, we were buying regular unleaded at each gas station.