Sunday, September 7, 2008

Three Firsts

We had our first soccer game this weekend. Aaden is officially a "Mad Dog"! We are very excited and the game was super fun. All the kids did a great job. Everyone stayed running and was willing to get in the action. There were a few tears, but they were short and sweet. Aaden did a great job running, and kept up with everyone else.

Here is him making his "Mad Dog Face"...GRRRRR!
I didn't mean to put this picture on here, but here it is...the kids hanging out in the front yard before the game. Rylan was a good sport and cheered her brother on.

My mom was here this past week hanging out with us before school really got kicked off. Here is the mad dog growl!

The second first was the first day of school. (Actually it was the first first but the pictures were opposite, so here you go.) Here is Aaden with his awesome Pre-K (I know I can't believe it either) teacher Mrs. Christy. She is a very loving and sweet Christian woman, and we are blessed to have her teaching Aaden this year. (I did sniffle some while dropping him off, but it wasn't too bad.) Here is Rylan with her teacher, Mrs. Kasey. She too is a very sweet woman, and we are excited to get to know her better this year. (In the background is Rylan's friend Cooper coming to greet Rylan on the first day of school.)

My friend Maggie shared with me one of her time honored family traditions, and I have borrowed that idea from her. She always took her kids' first day pictures out by their mailbox. You can see how the kids change and grow with a constant in the picture. I love this here it is.
Here is Aaden out by our mailbox all ready to go on the first day of school.
Here is Miss Priss out by the mailbox on the first day of school.
Here are both kids out by the mailbox on the first day of school. (This wasn't the best picture I took, but you get the idea of the cuteness and size of my kiddos.)
Aaden and Rylan walking into the school.
First day at ACA!!!

There was one more first this week, and that was the kids moved up into new Bible Classes (aka Sunday School). Aaden is now in the 4 year old class (taught by my good friends Amy and Jaymie) and Rylan is officially out of the nursury (Cradle Roll) and in a big kid class with the other 2 year olds. There are no pictures, and there were no tears this morning (no time I guess), but it was wonderful and sweet to see my kids moving up in our church. They are growing up with wonderful friends who come from amazing Christian families. I love seeing all the kids grow and learn together.

**Just a side note**My first day of school is tomorrow and my first Bible study with the kids is on Wednesday. I am both excited and nervous about both, so if you think about it Monday or Wednesday, just say a little prayer for me that everything is going well.


The Nortons said...

YAY! I made the blog! Aaden had a wonderful first day! Very bright and oohh sooo sweet! You did great too-mom!:)

Love Christy (aka Mrs. Christy)

ps I look a little dorky-I guess I was super excited too!

Silverthornes said...

ahhh - they grow up so fast! Great idea with the mailbox thing - we had to steal it :)