Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The End is Near

The end of summer break is here. We had our last day of summer camp. Soccer season is about to start. School for us Starts September 5.

First off check out Aaron's hair! Do you think it's time for a hair cut??

I just had to throw this picture in. Rylan is just cheesin' it up for the camera!
Here is the last day of ACA Sports Camp. I had this great idea to take the kids' pictures to mark this momentous occasion...but, as you can see the kids did not think this was a great idea.

Since they would not smile I just made them hug. I think hugging pictures are just the cutest!
Finally Rylan said, "Cheese!" and I caught it on camera.
They really were excited to go to school...I promise!

Now, soccer season. Aaden is now officially a Mad Dog! He and 8 other 4 year olds are going to explore the world of soccer as the Mad Dogs. I think that's pretty cool. He is super excited. We got him his cleats and his shin guards and some soccer shorts for practices and of course some super long socks. Here are a few pictures of him practicing on our back deck.

He looks hilarious! If you can tell there is no space between the shorts and the socks. It goes straight from the bright blue socks to the red shorts.

I love this last picture! If you look closely you can see his tongue hanging out! What is the deal with my kids and their tongues? They crack me up!
So we are really excited about everything that is going on right now, and we are resting this week so we can be prepared for the craziness that next week has to offer.


TexasNeals said...

HA! so cute! love the "cheese", she's beautiful. and the soccer get-up is too cute! :)

Silverthornes said...
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Silverthornes said...

Rylan looks so grown up in a lot these pictures!! Oh, and about the tongue sticking out - My tongue was sticking out in every one of the pictures of me playing basketball in my high school year book