Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nemo and Our Little Mermaid

The past two weeks we had swim lessons, and it was GREAT!!! Both kids did sooooo good! Rylan has always been our little water baby. She loves going under and's the coming up for air that she has trouble with. She can also do front flips under the water (I thought that was pretty impressive.)
Aaden has always been our more cautious kid. He likes to get in the water, but not get his face wet. Swim lessons changed that! He would put his face in and would brag to the other kids that he went under water (that's a boy for you!). So here are some pictures of our adventures in swim lessons.

I would also like to send a special thank you to Grandma (Aaron's stepmom). She came every evening to swim lessons and swam with Rylan. It was so fun seeing her every day, plus she got some special time with the kids. Thanks Grandma!!!


Silverthornes said...

so glad the kiddos had a good time!

Mindi said...

looks like you do have two little water babies!! I really like the new blog design!

Amy Porter said...

Cute pictures! I need to do that next year!