Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lots O Pictures!

Here are just a bunch of pictures from the last couple of weeks. They may be a little bit out of order...this blogger adds pictures above what you have already put and then I can't move them or delete them, so here you are.

Here is Aaden and Rylan after bath time about to get dressed for bed. They are just so sweet and loving. It is really fun to have kids so close in age.

The next few pictures are in Shreveport. They have this AWESOME boardwalk thing with lots of stores and restaurants and fun stuff including this little splash area. The water randomly squirts out of the ground and the kids just love playing in it.

Here is one of those out of place pictures. This is Aaden after church last night on the ride home. He thinks it is funny to pick the grass at the church and eat it in the car. The kid won't touch a hamburger, but grass is OK?? I do not see the logic there at all! But he requested that I take his picture while he was chewing on his grass.

Here is my sweet husband watching our kids play. I just couldn't resist capturing such a nice moment.
See, Aaden likes his tongue too! (Usually Rylan is the one with her tongue hanging out.)
That is Rylan behind all that water. I just think this is a neat picture.


TexasNeals said...

GREAT pictures! we went to the boardwalk last saturday, but didn't come prepared for the water thing. that looks like so much fun! nice bribery, too! you know, "hey kids, if you walk around nicely w/ mommy and daddy to shop, then when we're done we'll let you play in splash thing!" i LOVE bribery! ;)

Silverthornes said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Caldwell Clan said...

The kids are so sweet!and getting so big. Miss you tons. We must start talking more!!!

kt said...

I hope we have as much fun in San Antonio as you guys did. We head out on Monday. And yes you are the picture out Becky.