Monday, July 7, 2008

Aaden's Birthday and galore!!!

Ok, I am warning you, there are soooooo many picutures on this post. (I like to call it "Becky Style")
So, alot has happened in the last few weeks. The first is that my little boy turned FOUR!!! I know, I can't believe it either. He will be starting Pre-K in the fall! Wow! So Here are some pictures celebrating my little man. Here is Aaden about to open his gift from Meme and Poppy (my parents).

Here is Aaden and me (Mommy) helping him open his gifts.

RyRy and Me cheesin' up for the camera.

My sister, Laila (aka Aunt Sissy), reading to Rylan and Uncle Seth (her husband).

Aaden is excited to open another gift.

Aaden likes his new computer game, and so does Rylan. She HAD to climb up on the table to check out the goods. (With the kids is Aunt Sissy and Uncle Seth...they came into town from Austin to celebrate their nephew's birthday.

Now, Pump It Up.
We had Aaden's party at Pump It Up, this cool place with a bunch of blow up things. The kids and the adults love it. It is so much fun for everyone.

Here is Laila and Seth jumping with Rylan's friend Hailey.

Aaden climbing the wall in the obstacle course.

Aaden at the top of the obstacle course. Woohoo! King of the Mountain!

Aaden chillin' in the obstacle course entry. He thinks he is such a cool little dude.

Now our vacation. We Left last Sunday to head to San Antonio. We went to the zoo on Monday, Sea World Tuesday and Wednesday, to the Wildlife Adventure Drive on Thursday and to the lake Thursday Friday and Saturday. We had a week jam packed full of fun and adventure. We all had a blast!

We stayed at the Radisson in SA and they have limestone fire pits where you can roast marshmellows for s'mores each night. It was a great way to end the day.

Here is Rylan roasting her marshmellow. She wouldn't eat it after she cooked it though.

Here is Aaden getting his face painted by Skipper. She worked at the hotel and had different activities for the kids to enjoy each day.

Here is Aaron and me enjoying our vacation.

Here is shark boy!

And, shark boy again!

Aaden and me catching a quick snapshot.

Aaden and Rylan showing the camera how much they love eachother.

We had a jacuzzi tub in our room, and I had this marvelous idea to put bubbles in it. It was fun, but there were bubbles everywhere! They were still in the tub the next morning. The kids thought it was funny. Here they are COVERED in bubbles.

Getting ready for bed. What are big brothers for if not to brush your teeth?

Here are the Sea World pictures.
The kids and me giving the birds some nectar. It was cool.

The kids looking for dolphins.

We got to feed the dolphins. Aaden would feed them, but not touch them. Aaron touched it though (I was busy taking pictures). He said it felt like rubber.

Aaron and Rylan waiting for the sea lion show to start.

Our little monkey, Rylan, hanging on the bar in the shark tank.

Aaden with Penny the Penguin.

Rylan eating her sherbert. We needed to stop for a snack.

Aaden eating his white ice cream (it's the only kind he likes).

Mommy and Rylan. Say, "Cheese!"

Aaron was chugging the soda. We were all soooooo thirsty.

More sibling love (actually I told them they couldn't get into the water until they hugged for a picture).

Rylan getting out the part of the s'more that she would eat. Mmmmm, chocolate. She is her father's daughter.

Me roasting my mallow

Another picture of shark day though. (Skipper was painting faces every evening.)

Rylan got a butterfly.

Aaden as shark boy...again. Sorry for all the shark face pictures, I just think they are funny.

Now we are in the final stretch. We are at the lake. (Lake Buchanan if any of you want to know. My parents live there in a littly tiny itsy bitsy town call Tow...rhymes with Cow not toe.)

Aaden swimming in the lake.

Aaron swimming in the lake.

Aaden looking cool on the boat.

Rylan in the lake. She is our little fish. She can swim and flip and jump. She loves the water so much she cries when we take her out.

The kids driving the boat with Poppy, my dad.

My mom made a yummy flag cake for 4th of July. It was so good. We ate almost the entire cake in about 2 days.

Aaden, Meme (my mom) and me waiting to be in the Llano 4th of July kid's parade.

Aaden and Rylan waiting for the parade to start. I bought candy for them to throw to anyone watching on the sidelines.

Here they are ready to go.

Aaden is all ready to watch the fireworks. It was not hot, but he was wearing a sweatshirt so he could pull the hood up over his ears to block the popping sounds. He said it worked.

Aaron playing with Rylan before the fireworks.

Poppy in his 4th of July hat.

Me, Meme, and Aaden waiting for the fireworks to start (we waited alot that day).

Aaron and me watching the fireworks.

Aaden and me watching the fireworks.

Sorry this post was so long, but I had alot of catching up to do. I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.


TexasNeals said...

"becky style" HA! i love that! :)
awesome pictures. i feel like i went w/ ya'll...only i didn't get a shirt. looks like you had a great trip!

Silverthornes said...

love the pics - looks like you guys had lots of fun! I am happy for ya.

Caldwell Clan said...

I love the pictures!!! You have a very sweet family. Miss you tons.