Monday, April 14, 2008

The Garage Sale Was A Success!!!

While getting ready for our garage sale a little squirrel came up and decided that the kids looked like his friends. My friend Amy who was helping me has now adapted him and taken him to live at her house (outside of course). He was a baby squirrel who was apparently very hungry. All the kids thought he was cool and wanted to touch him.
Here is Aaden petting him... All the kids reaching up to grab him.
Lets take turns and be soft.
Here is a cute picture of the squirrel and all the "junk" in our carport. Wow!!! That's alot of stuff!
Here is Amy holding Skrat. Aaden had originally decided the squirrel would be named Jessica, but I didn't like that so when Amy took him home she let her kids re-name him. Skrat is the name of the squirrel on Ice Age.

Sooo, we had a HUGE garage sale last weekend at our house as a fundraiser for ACA (the kids' school). We were raising money to buy new large indoor toys for the gym. We didn't quite reach our (ok, my) goal, but we still made a lot of money. We can buy lots of toys.

People were dropping off items during the week, and the kids found a pair of tap shoes (thanks girls). They took turns tapping all around the driveway.

First it was Rylan's turn...

Then Aaden took a turn...
Then Rylan's turn again...

(check out that face) Then Aaden had a turn again.
Then we sold them in the garage sale.


silverthornes said...

Looks like a good time! I am glad everything worked out!

Mariel said...

Good post.