Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Crazy We Call Our Lives

Here are just a few pictures of things we have been up to lately.
Here is Rylan eating some chicken...yum!!!

It is western week at school, and yesterday was boot day. Here are the kids in Aaden's class wearing their boots. (Rylan was the only one in her class wearing her boots.) Today was bandana day, but our kids would have no part in that. They would NOT keep their bandanas on. Aaden even started crying. Bandanas are not worth that!

The kids took class pictures a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was wearing white shirts and blue jeans. It was super cute. Here are zooms of what Aaden and Rylan looked like in the pictures. The quality is not great because the picture I have is a 5x7 and there are like 15 people in each picture.

This is Aaden smiling big!
Here is Rylan looking so cute!

HOLY MOLY!!! I filled my car up with gas, and this was the price! $93.12 Wow!! I'm not sure we're going to be taking any road trips this summer.

One more thing...we are having a HUGE garage sale this weekend. All proceeds will go to ACA (the kids' school). I have gone through our house top to bottom, and cleaned everything out. Plus parents and teachers are donating items to be sold. Like I said, it will be HUGE!!! Pray that I can get everything priced and organized in time, and that it is a success!

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TexasNeals said...

the kids look great! i LOVE rylan's hair cut!!! SUPER cute. :)
as for the gas thing....may i suggest a bike and one of those things you can hook to the back to pull the kids?! YAOZA!