Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arbor Day and Zoo Pictures

Not long ago our playground at ACA (the kids' school) was renovated and made much larger and much nicer. All of this work and new equiptment was donated by a wonderful couple at our church, soooo, today we planted a tree in honor of them and all of their hard work and dedication to our school.
Here is a picture of the tree... Here is Aaden praying at the celebration...
The next 3 pictures are of Aaden helping to fill
the hole with some dirt.

Now, a while ago we went to the zoo with our friends the Porters. We were going to go for Rylan's birthday back at the beginning of March, but every time we wanted to go it was HORRIBLE weather. So we finally made it at the end of March, and we all had a great time!! Here are some pictures showing how fun it was!

Aaden and Rylan being sweet to eachother...
Aaden looking cool hangin' out on the railing...
(I don't think they really want you to do that,
so, shhhh, don't tell.)
Here is me and the kids looking cute in our white shirts and blue jeans, we had picture day at school that day so we were all dressed alike, well me and the kids that is. Amy decided not to wear her white shirt, but we can forgive her for that.
Here are the 3 cuties checking out, well, something, I don't remember what. See all the white shirts? Cute, huh?
And here is Aaden checking out the penguins. They were pretty neat!
We had a great time at the zoo! And a special thanks to Amy for the pictures since I was a bad mom and forgot my camera. Next time maybe more of our friends can come! (hint, hint, Jill and Andrea!)