Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Baby is TWO!!!

My little girl is now a big girl. I feel like she has graduated from baby to toddler in just one day. Two years old now! Wow! The time truly has flown. I know that is so cliche' (hmm, is that how you spell that?), but it truly seems like she was just born. She is such an amazing little girl. She is very funny and loves to laugh. She likes bows (finally!) and getting dressed up, almost as much as she likes playing outside in the mud and dirt. She is prone for disaster, and is constantly hurting herself. Her knees are always scraped up and she even currently has a black eye (that's what happens when Daddy takes the kids to chick-fil-a). She is rough and tumble and loving and caring. She loves her baby dolls and likes sharing her food, with anyone and anything. She is friendly and outgoing and afraid of NOTHING!!! She likes bugs and worms and lizards, and is always ready to pull the tail of the many dogs our family members all own. That is my baby girl Rylan Grace in a nut shell. TWO!!!
Remember, scroll down to see the pictures of birthday and to see what the kids have been up to!

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