Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Few Wedding Pictures

After walking down the aisle Aaden and Rylan were escorted away from the wedding, but during the ceremony Aaden figured out he must have been missing something. So he ran accross the lawn yelling "Mommy! Mommy!" all the way until he got to me. He really wanted to tell me something, but I quickly shushed him and held his hand the rest of the ceremony.
This is my dad, lovingly known as Poppy by my children, holding Rylan during the reception. All during the reception she just wanted Poppy. She would just say his name over and over until she would find him. It was cute. And this is Aaron and I probably after the wedding. He stayed and ate during the reception then he and his brother took the kids, so I could stay and dance and be crazy with everyone.
And my little princess eating her ribbon. She loved her dress, not so much the flower girl part. She ran down the aisle as fast as she could crying the entire way.

Those are a few pictures from my sister's wedding. It was a blast!!! (The wedding was back in Feb, but I forgot my camera and these are the first pictures that have been e-mailed to me.) I may post more as I get them. Wedding pictures are just so fun!!!

So we are all doing well. We have joined the rest of the world and have gotten high speed internet. So blogging will be much easier and much more fun now. I am definitely excited about that. So, you will have to check more often because I may be writing more often. That is all for today though.


silverthornes said...

Love the pictures! It looks like you guys had lots of fun. I love your dresses! I am so glad you jumped on the high speed train! ALL ABOARD!

Caldwell Clan said...

Love the pictures. I was thinking on our way Home on Sunday that I didn't get any pictures of your guys. Anyways, it was so wonderful to see you!! Hopefully next time we can really spend more time together!!! Love ya.