Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Girl's Weekend in Austin

Here is Rylan riding the dog at Old Navy.

Here is Rylan petting a baby goat at the petting zoo at the Austin Livestock show and Rodeo. We went to the fair grounds and did rides and things. They also had a stick horse rodeo for the kids and so I entered Rylan in it to do barrel racing. (Hence the number on her back.)

Here she is riding her stick horse around the barrel. She wasn't too sure about it all. She trotted her horse around one barrel and then just headed back out the gate. (Normally there are 3 barrels.)

Here we are with her ribbon. Everyone's a winner at the stick horse rodeo.

And of course we had to get on the carousel. It was pretty much the only ride that she was big enough to ride on. I better savor it while it lasts though because in just a few years both kids will be big enough to ride every ride. They'll just be asking for money and I won't see them the rest of the day. Oh well, I still have now.

We had a great time visiting my sister and her husband. Aaden was out at the lake with my parents. They had a great time fishing and riding in the boat. We all had a wonderful spring break vacation. We are now back in Longview to stay and enjoy easter.

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