Sunday, September 23, 2007

Paris, Home, Paris, and back home

Guess where I spent much of this week! That's right...Paris! (Texas that is) Tuesday I had to go to the dentist to get one of my teeth worked on (which still looks beautiful by the way) and he (Dr. Clint my dentist) put a temporary filling in the back of my tooth. Well, temporary is definitely the key word because by the next day I had already knocked much of the filling out of my tooth. So I called him, and he said that I needed to come back if at all possible. Of course it was possible so I went and got Aaron (because we were temporarily down to one car due to a broken water pump in my Yukon), then we went to get the kids, and then back to Paris we went (it's a 2 hour drive by the way). It was good though because the second trip we got to see Rachel and Roselyn (Dr. Clint's wife and little girl, oh and Clint is Jaymie Phillip's brother, so that's how it's all tied together, and Aaron knew all these guys from summer camp when they were all in college). Even though Roselyn wasn't feeling well she was still so so so cute! She is 11 months old, and walking (and falling too) and has the prettiest red curly hair anyone has ever seen. She is cute as a doll!
Needless to say my tooth is fixed (I will actually smile big again), my car is fixed, and hopefully this week won't be as crazy as last week, but hey, that's up to God. We do have a full week, but if all goes as planned then we will have atleast a little down time, something none of us have had since school started.
School is still going well. I am loving it more and more each day. The kids are all so wonderful and bright. I think I may walk away with more from them than them from me. My 2 kids are doing great, well except for Aaden's fever. He actually seems to be feeling fine, but keeps running fever of 101 to 102. We started antibiotics last night, so hopefully we will have a full week of school ahead of us. (We did skip church this morning though just to be sure no one else gets sick.)Aaden has a fieldtrip on Tuesday to this awesome place called Pump It Up. It is this giant warehouse with huge blow up things in it that the kids can jump on and slide down and crawl through. It's a blast (in fact I've already booked Aaden's 4th birthday to be there...yes you have to do it that far in advance.) Rylan and Aaden both have school pictures on Wed. Yay! Me and my anal self already have the kid's clothes picked out. Ok, not just for that day, but for the whole week too. I know I'm wierd, I don't care though. It will be a GREAT week!

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pruittsplace said...

we missed ya'll at small group... hope everyone is back to good health. you have to eat at "la familia" or something like that in paris. it's the best.
lolo loves music and spanish! keep up the good work.
see ya'll next time!