Tuesday, September 4, 2007

He's HOME!!

This time it's for real. Aaron is actually and truly back in Longview! After being gone for a month it was wonderful to see him. We had a crazy busy day today, and there is still more to come. This morning I took Rylan to the doctor (an ear infection), then we went and picked up Aaron at the airport, then we all went and ate at IHOP, then we filled Rylan's ear infection medicine, then we all (big mistake on the all part) went to a funeral, now we are home for a little while, and then we are going to the open house at ACA. I will be working and Aaron will take the kids to meet the teachers and recieve any special instructions for the first day of school (which is Thursday). At some point in time we also plan to eat dinner. I guess we should do that here in a little while. Well that's all for now. I really just wanted to tell everyone that I am no longer a single mom...YAY!!! I have my husband back.

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