Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's going on in the Thomas House?

School is still going really well for all of us. I am having so much fun teaching! The kids are all so funny and entertaining. Aaden and Rylan are both loving their classes. They are both learning so much. I realize we didn't sing very much in our house when Aaden was little (ok, he's still little, but when he was really little) because he is learning so many new songs that maybe I should have taught him before he was 3. He does have Happy Birthday down (he sang it to my mom 3 times), and a song that he made up called Baby Jesus. I am really trying to work with him on The ABC's. He's doing great! Rylan is just talking talking talking. She is saying so many words, and whew watch out because she is BOSSY! (I wonder where she gets that from.) If she wants you to do something she will walk right up to you and grab your hand and take you wherever she wants you to go. She however has not been feeling well this week. She's been running a high fever and the doctor said she had a very sore throat (but you wouldn't know it by how much she is still eating). She has stayed home from school this whole week, but I hope she will be well and can return tomorrow, Thursday...the day I work. This past Monday was a holiday for ACA (our school) and the kids and I don't have school on Friday so we took the long weekend and went to visit my parents. We had a great time and we got to see Aunt Sissy and Uncle Seth! (My sister Laila and her fiance Seth now live in Austin and are getting married in February. Yay!) We went paddle boating, and kayaking, and fishing, and on the motor boat, and we went swimming at the island in the middle of Lake Buchanan. It was great. We had a really fun weekend. Sunday afternoon Meme and Poppy took the kids to a little farm outside of Marble Falls where they had a pumkin patch and a hay ride and a tractor and cool crafts and such. There are lots of pictures from that, but I just don't have them yet (Dad, hint hint.) I will post them as soon as I get them. They all had a great time! What did I do during that time? I stayed at their house by myself! It is a rare occasion when I am by was GREAT!!! We came back Monday, and jumped right back into life in Longview.
Aaron had a great weekend too. He stayed in Longview by himself and got to hang out and be a guy (a rare occasion for him). He hung out with his cousins and watched football. He hung out with his dad and did bow and arrow stuff. He went to see his grandmother, and got to visit with her. So, no worries, he had a great weekend even though the love of his life was not with him. :)

Now some sad news. Tuesday we found out that a long time family friend, Linda Judd, died over the weekend. Her death is sudden and very tragic. Please be praying for her family and close friends. I believe her services will be early next week in Austin. I am sorry to end on such a sad note, but it is really weighing on my mind and my heart, and I know they need all the thoughts and prayers they can get. So please pray for them!


The Nortons said...

Jessica - it sounds like you had some very deserving R&R this past weekend! I am glad that y'all had a great time!

So to hear about your friend!

Amy Porter said...

I got your comment on my blog and I agree that we need to get together! Now that you are a working woman we never see you!! Some Friday soon we will have to get the kids together to play so we can catch up!! I'm glad everyone is doing so well in school!! Maybe it can rub off on Mallory and she won't have seperation issues anymore! :)