Sunday, March 22, 2009


I HATE pollen!!!! Ugh!!! Yellow yellow everywhere!! Our cars are yellow, our porch is yellow, our sidewalk is YELLOW!!! There is yellow pollen all over EVERYTHING!!! Today we are cleaning up all the YELLOW!!! (Ok, not all of it. Washing our cars would be a waste of time until the pollen stops falling.) The kids are washing the porch. I am spraying down the front of the house, and will mop the whole house before the day is through. (Our dark vinyl floors also seem to have a thin film of yellow accross them.)
Hopefully after today our house will look cleaner and brighter! (Until tomorrow that is, Ugh!)
Did I mention that I hate the pollen!!!


Jaime said...

I hate it, too! And it makes poor Randall's face so dry and itchy and his eyes water and such. No fun!

I broke down and took the car to the cheap car wash today because I just couldn't stand the yellow on our white van. I know it will be yellow again, but at least it'll be a little less yellow! :-)

kt said...

But think about all the wonderful things pollen does for us???? It is such a beautiful shade of yellow. Don't you think?


ma P said...

But, we wouldn't want to grumble or complain, now, would we???

one week off from BSF and look what happens......