Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

We had so much fun yesterday at school. There were parties with cookies and candy and all kinds of yummy things. The kids had a blast! I did too! I still got to see all the regular classes of the day along with spending a little extra time with my kids and their classes during party time. It was fun and I am posting a few pictures that show the fun that we all had.
I hope that everyone had a happy valentine's day!!!

Also, on a more serious note. Our friends Drew and Jill had their babies this morning. Jill was pregnant with twin girls, Elizabeth Grace and Olivia Faith. They were both over 5 lbs but being born at about 34 weeks, I don't believe their lungs are quite mature yet. We are excited for them that their babies are here, but please keep them in your prayers that these babies stay safe and healthy as they grow stronger and get ready to go home.

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