Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day was a success!

We are back home after a busy and wonderful week and exhausting week.
First we had a big Thanksgiving feast at the kid's school. All the kids sit at a HUGE long table and eat turkey and mac and cheese (mac and cheeseroni, as Aaden refers to it) and fruit and cheese and rolls. It was fun and wild. The kids were dressed up as indians. It was pretty cute!
The kids and I left last Tuesday for Austin. We hung out with Laila and Seth (my sister and her fiance) and planned for our Thanksgiving meal, the first one I have ever cooked! I have made a dish here and there, but this year we fixed the entire meal ourselves. My sister had done it several times before (that's what she gets for going to college so far from home...Florida and then Virginia) so it was no big thing to her, but I think that it is a big deal! We had cajun turkey (thanks to the fully cooked line from H-E-B) and honey spiral sliced ham and stuffing and green bean casserole and mac and cheese and cheesey mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and rolls and 2 pies. We had enough food for a small army and there were only 4 adults and 2 kids who barely eat. Aaron joined us on Thursday morning (he got up super early and drove the 6 hours to Austin and was there to wake us up that morning). He also took the kids to a park for a couple hours while we were cooking. It was a HUGE help. So, we were planning on eating at 2, but we ate about 3:30 so everyone was STARVING!!! We consumed more food than any human should ever eat in one sitting and then just vegged out the rest of the evening. Except for cleaning up, of course. Then Friday we stopped by my friend Jason's house to catch the BIG game (A&M and UT of course!). I stayed as long as the kids could stand it, then headed out to the lake with the kids. My parents came in that night, and we hung out with them for the rest of the very cold and wet weekend. We came back to Longview on Sunday and headed back to school this morning.
So, that was our Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday!

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silverthornes said...

sounds like a fun time! I am glad you got to hang out with family! The Thanksgiving dinner sounds delicious!