Friday, November 2, 2007


Our Halloween was busy and fun and ...well, you'll see how it ended. It started off with taking the kids to school. (Which they still love by the way.) And I went off to my bible study. I then went home and got together little toothbrush treats for the kids at school. With all of the sugar that the kids are eating I thought that they may need a new toothbrush to clean all the sugar out of their teeth. (Plus Aaden and I have not had great dentist visits lately.)
I dropped off the toothbrushes and I went and got our booth ready for trunk or treat. We did a fishing theme so I borrowed the board and the fishing poles from fall fest and we let the kids fish for their candy. I think it was fun. So anyways, after that I brought the kids home from school and we hung out and got them dressed in their costumes. Some of our friends came over and got dressed here too.
Then we left the house and swung by wendy's for some chicken nuggets (a staple in our house) and headed off for trunk or treat. The kids went around gathering candy from all the small groups. I ate chili. We ran around and had a good time. We left about 8 and headed to our friend Missy's house to show off the kid's costumes. (Missy and Jeff and their 2 kids Jordan and Erin live behind us. We have all become great friends over the fence. It makes me think of Tim the Toolman Taylor and his neighbor Wilson. It's kinda like that.) Anyways we went over there and Missy and I were talking and Rylan was raiding her candy bowl and Aaden was complaining that he wanted to go home because his tummy hurt. (Too much candy?) We were getting up to leave because of Aaden's complaining and the vomiting began. He threw up on her living room carpet and over to the tile entry and out the door on her door mat. Missy is such a wonderful friend that she told me to just take him home and she would clean it all up (as she was telling me this she was putting on her surgical gloves, it was really kinda' funny) So we came home and I bathed the kids and got them ready for bed. Rylan went right down, but Aaden not so much. He continued to vomit throughout the night. I gave him some phenergon which conked him and and seemed to help his stomach some. So I pretty much stayed up all night with him and stayed home from work the next day to take care of him.
So that was our happy and not so happy halloween.

There are a couple pictures from Trunk or Treat at the bottom. Enjoy!

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TexasNeals said...

so sorry that he got sick...i know that is miserable for EVERYONE! hope he's feeling better. they sure did look cute! great costumes! :)