Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our New Blog

I have decided to start a blog (seems to be the trend) to help people near and far check in on our family and see pictures and such easily from their own home. I am hoping that this will help my dad see pictures of the kids more too! (He always wants me to e-mail him pictures. Love you Dad!!) So this is my attempt at setting up a blog.
Well, first of all I have some news about myself. I got a job. That's right. This stay at home mom will be working 2 days a week at a preschool and kindergarden at our church. I will be teaching Music and Spanish. (Yes, I know Spanish, atleast enough to teach it to young children.) I am really excited! This also means that the kids will be switching schools. The past 2 years Aaden has attended New Horizon Preschool, which is a Mother's Day Out, at Greggton Methodist. We are all going to be at Alpine Christian Academy. I think this is a really great opportunity for me, and a wonderful one for the kids. Alot of the kids in their classes will be the same kids we go to church with, and it is the same environment too! Plus, we will have a little bit of extra income every month that we haven't had since before I had Aaden.
That is all for now. I promise to get pictures downloaded soon! I've got to get them off the camera first!

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Karen Jones said...

Congratulations on the new blog and on the new job! Which days will you be teaching? Jason Lee is going to school on Tues, Wed, & Thurs. Will Aaden be in the 2 year old class with him?