Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Don't Camp! (Or Do I??)

So a good friend of ours decided that our small group should go camping. Well, after all was said and done our small group camping trip turned into 2 families! I was NOT looking forward to this outdoor excursion; I did not think that it would be fun. Boy was I WRONG!!! I did not realize that I was going camping with "Lori the Camping Queen"! This woman is a camping professional, and made the whole trip amazing. She had everything we needed to prepare wonderful meals, and she even arranged for her brother's friend to come out to the lake with his boat so we could enjoy some boating fun on Saturday. So, I, Jessica Thomas, am a super-camper!
Here are some of the pictures to document our great weekend!
Aaron, Aaden, and I
**Please excuse the icky camping hair and no make up**

Hank with his fish! He caught two fish...Aaden was too impatient and would give up.
(That's Brian, Lori's brother, fishing with the boys.)

Rylan and Hank swimming in the lake.
(Our campsite was right on the lake, and it was shallow, so the kids were able to pretty much swim until they could swim no more...with their life jackets of course.)

Aaden and Me at our awesome campsite.
(We were at Johnson Creek at Lake O' the Pines. Very nice and I highly reccomend it!)

Jason (a friend of Lori and Chris) brought his HUGE jetski
over to our campsite, and all the kids got to take a ride.
Here they were just posing for the picture.

That's right! That's me. I know, I'm awesome! (Ha ha ha!)
I tried and tried and tried to wakeboard but was unsuccessful.
I am, however, determined, and I WILL wakeboard one day!
(Oh, and I don't have a picture, but Aaron was an awesome wakeboarder!)

Aaron and Aaden tubing behind the boat. You pretty much just hang on for dear life.
The kids both thought it was so so so much fun!


Jaime said...

Looks like a LOT of fun! I"m not a big camper, either, but if we can go with someone that knows what they're doing, it makes all the difference! Great pictures.

Amy Porter said...

That's impressive!! Looks like tons of fun...great pictures!!

Corbitt Family said...

I am proud of you!

ma P said...

are those muscles I see on your arms??????