Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shoo Flea Don't Bother Me!!!

The NIGHTMARE seems to be over! What nightmare? FLEAS!!!! That's right little itty bitty tiny black bugs invaded our home and our lives! It was HORRIBLE!! Here's the crazy part! We have NO pets. None! Not one! Animals got under our deck (which we used to love, and now we loathe) and spread fleas into our yard, our bodies, and our house. There must have been millions! They were everywhere! We even stayed in a hotel for two nights to get away from them. It took about a week to get rid of all of them, and there is even still a few stragglers.
Bug Busters came and sprayed our deck, our yard, our house...and they were still there. They then came and sprayed again...and they were still there. We then had all of the pine straw picked up all around the house, and then I spread granules...and they were still there. Then Aaron came home and we raked out from under the deck...and they were still there. We then started to tear the boards off our deck...and we found a huge dead RAT!!! Ugh! (Aaron accidently touched it with his bare hand and I thought he was going to puke! He HATES rodents.) We removed the rat, they sprayed the deck and the yard again, and...they are almost all gone. Seriously, a NIGHTMARE!!! I would not wish fleas upon my WORST enemy!
I'm just glad it's all over...I pray it's all over!!!


Caldwell Clan said...

Yes... we should be seeing you in a few weeks. I can't wait!! I know it will be a rushed trip and we will mostly be busy with family stuff, but we should see you on Sunday morning if nothing else. Love ya girl!!! Can't wait to see you!!!

PS. I'm really glad you are done with the fleas... several of my friends around here have had that problem too, however they do have pets. ha.... I think it is b/c it is so dry. Love ya.

ma P said...

I'm a bit late in catching up on blogs. This was very interesting. I didn't realize you had a dead rat under the deck and that it really took so long for you to get rid of the fleas.
the kids look darling in their
50's outfits.
I'll see you soon at the pool, Lord willin'
love, p

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