Friday, December 5, 2008

Longview Christmas Parade

Last night we not only attended, but we were actually IN the Longview Christmas Parade. The kids and I sat on the Alpine Christian Academy float while Aaron walked next to us to ensure the huge blow up snowman did not fall over on top of anyone. The parade was so much fun! We just smiled and waved and told everyone on the streets, "Merry Christmas!!!"

Here is Aaden on the float waiting for the parade to start.
Here is Kendrah and her kiddos, Olivia and Aubrey. Kendrah was the mastermind behind the whole float. She entered the school and got all the rules, and then she built the float and organized everything! Yay for Kendrah!!! And, thanks to her Alpine Christian Academy won the "Grand Marshall's Award". Our name was even on the FRONT page of the paper!!!

Here is Rylan...I know it's blury, but I had to show how bundled up she was. It was soooooo cold!! BRRRRRRR.

Here is my pal Christy and her two sweet kiddos, Kinzie and Jackson. We rode the float together and laughed and waved the whole way through! (Especially when Jackson fell asleep, but kept waving! He's a trooper!)

And, here is me and my sweet babies. We had a great time! I would encourage anyone who has not gone to go next year. It is so fun, and totally worth the frozen fingers and bad traffic.


TexasNeals said...

how fun! y'all are troopers! what a fun memory!!! congrats on winning, wish we'd have been there to wave to you! ;)

Silverthornes said...

good times!